Vision and Goals

The basics of dietary care in the clinical setting is to explore and to monitor the nutritional status; Nutritional Assessment. This has to be done on a profesional level and knowledge will be spread for others who are interested in the nutritional state of patients. Knowledge about nutritional assessment is still developping.


Nutritional Assessment is a tool for adequate, professional, nutritional care. To establish the nutritional status and the nutritional needs of a patient is the foundation for further nutritional policy. This policy includes medical- and nutritional aspects and preferably has to be defined multidisciplinary. Contribution from dietician, doctor, nurse and eventually other disciplines is preferable. Besides the most used tools, like the food intake questionnaire, length, weight and weight-change, in the azM some complementary measurements are possible to establish the nutritional status of the patient. Some of the techniques are not yet available for the clinical setting or for certain patient-categories. The applicability of measurements in the clinical situation is to be explored.


The vision of the department of dietetics azM is about professional nutritional care for the clinical patient and to spread the knowledge. Nutritional Assessment is a part of professional nutritional care, which is developing. It is a tool for evidence based nutritional care and can be used for patientcare and research-purposes.


  • To deliver a contribution to the application of different measuring-techniques in a clinical setting and to develop step by step de most suitable method for every patientgroup.
  • To spread new knowledge and experience and to promote a professional approach within dietetics.