Nutritional Assessment
A full Nutritional assessment asks for a lot of organisation and knowledge.  Here you can find a lot of knowledge brought to you by case-reports, a place where questions can be asked and other things like hygiene, patientrouting and pat´entinformation can be found.

Knowlegde can best be gathered by practical examples.


General hygienerules apply to all employees of the hospital who perform activities around the patient. The rules have been aimed at the prevention of transfer of micro-organism from one patient to another and to prevent the employee himself for infecious diseases.
Patient information

Here you find the information that is given to patients who are going to have a Nutritional Asessment measurement.
Patient routing

Here you find information about the most important subjects in patient routing from the ward to the measuring-room. 

If you have questions, you can ask the NA-team for an answer. If useful, your question wil be published on this site.


The Nutritional assessment research room is continuously available for measurements in patients. It is a hospital wide investment, because the rates are high.