Nutritional Assessment

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This site is a product of the department of dietetics of the University Hospital in Maastricht, Netherlands, for colleague dieticians and others who are interested in the bodycomposition of patients.

On this site you’ll find information about measurements of bodycomposition, energy expenditure and many other measurements in patients called ‘Nutritional assessment’.

The Dutch dietician association (NVD) financed this website by winning a prize in 2001.

Last update: 10-02-2007
What is Nutritional Assessment?

The definition of Nutritional Assessment is: A structured way to establish nutritional status and energy-requirements by objective measurements and whereby, completed with objective parameters and in relation to specific disease-indications, an adequate (nutritional-) treatment can be developed for the patient. All this happens preferably in a multidisciplinary setting.


The nutritional status of a healthy person is qualified by how the person is fed; quality and quantity of the food. In patients not only the food influences the nutritional status, but also the disease.The nutritional status influences the patient’s reaction to the disease.

Algoritm NA

In the academic hospital of Maastricht a full Nutritional Assessment is done by using an algorithm. By clicking the algorithm a lot a information can be found.

Vision and goals

The basics of dietary care in the clinical setting is to explore and to monitor the nutritional status; Nutritional Assessment. This has to be done on a profesional level and knowledge will be spread for others who are interested in the nutritional state of patients. Knowledge about nutritional assessment is still developping.


A full Nutritional assessment asks for a lot of organisation and knowledge.  Here you can find a lot of knowledge brought to you by case-reports, a place where questions can be asked and other things like hygiene, patientrouting and patďentinformation can be found.

The Nutritional Assessment in the academic hospital of Maastricht is organised by the department of dietetics. Within the hospital, the lung patients are being measured separately on the lung function department. The dieticians measure the nutritional status of the other patients.


The department of dietetics is an academic department. A professor '' Clinical dietetics ans medical nutrition'' is part of the department. Scietific research is based on the following subjects:  Nutritional Assessment, Nutritition and cognition and the gut-function.